re Dream On!


Not that long ago, I had the pleasure of coming to the horrifying realization that I no longer had any goals. Nor could I even envision myself or what my life would look like a year from then.

I was coasting through life, day to day, just barely emotionally surviving and spending all my energy avoiding my reflection. I didn’t want to look at myself. Not because I felt ugly, but because I didn’t recognize the person looking back.

The person I remembered had dreams. I was excited about life. I was optimistic and thought everything was possible.

So, where did everything go wrong?

The simple answer: life happened.

The child confronted the world. Things weren’t as magical as they seemed. It wasn’t what the movies played it out to be. Life was disappointing. Dreams didn’t come true like you once thought. They were crushed.

Somewhere along the way, I started to catch on. It was in the quiet moments that anxiety would knock at my door. I began to drink more and sleep less, distracting myself from the real issues. I became a master at avoidance.5979_ECGYCu2jMAe9IeFJ4nf9jF8j8

There was always a cloud hanging over my head threatening to rain and it was exhausting in itself. I hated being ruled by it. I was at a point in my life where half of my friends were hitting milestones and the other half were coasting through oblivion right alongside of me. It was time to make a choice. I could keep living in this uncertain life, or build a new one.

It was then that I knew it was time for a showdown.


It would be hard. I would have to demolish the walls and wreck the foundation of what I had grown comfortable with, but nothing could be built on what was there; at least not the life I had in mind.

I think this is what happens most of the time. Our preconceptions finally slip away and ideas of what should be turn into the reality of what is. Because, lets face it, life isn’t what we thought. Life is practical.

Once we get into the closest thing we can call a comfort zone, we latch on to it, despite whether it is what we want. Happiness no longer factors into the equation. We fall into what I call the “Safety Rut.”

There is predictability in this low-risk, boxed life, but no room for growth; no room for dreams.


I have a very high opinion of my child-self. That little moppet was wiser than I ever will be. So, I ask you, would that little-you that you once were, approve of where you are?

It takes an enormous amount of courage to step out of the confines of comfort. There is no greater uncertainty of it, but if we keep going in this hamster wheel, then the only end result I see is a future generation full of followers who leave happiness in the hands of success.


At the risk of sounding cliché, I do believe there is more to happiness than the impact that we leave on the economy. Trust the heart of your younger self.  Think about what it desires; just visualizing can help reshape your future!

Allow yourself to dream again.


Thanks for reading. 🙂  What did you think?

Are you happy with our society?

What are your thoughts on where our generation is headed?

What inspires you to go after your goals?

Comment below!

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