Meditation Mondays!


It goes without saying the benefits of mediation. Have you heard anyone ever say, “Gosh, I meditated this morning and I just feel awful!”?

That’s because they don’t.

Generally, it benefits us in many ways; from an all-over serene feeling to becoming a better decision maker.

Also, for those who believe in the idea of The Secret, you know that ‘like-attracts-like’, so what we think draws it closer. Therein lies the foundation for the purpose of meditation.

It’s like vitamins, we know they’re good for us, but we get just too darn lazy to take ‘em!

This has been probably the most grappling issue for those of us who want to implement this daily practice, but cant seem to carry on the consistency. I, especially, have a hard time keeping up with it once I finally feel better.

“I got what I came for. See ya!”istock-goodbye-wave1

Of course when the tough gets tougher, I’ll pop a cross-legged squat and meditate in desperation only to be bombarded by lawless thoughts and a negative disposition. Yet, if I had only found a way to keep it going before then maybe I would have been on my A-Game and never found my way back to whatever emotion I’d be facing.

Like many boring activities in life, everything can transform into a more enjoyable form if only you were to jazz it up a little. Luckily for you, there are many forms of mediation and I’m going to give you a handful of favorites over the next few weeks.


Before you roll your eyes, let me tell you first about the benefits to get those jazz fingers going.


There’s no need to take my word on it. Studies have been made showing how significant an impact meditation has made on the body’s production of cortisol levels.

Cortisol = STRESS.

Yeah, yeah. We hear this all the time, and don’t get me wrong, a stress-free life sounds wonderful…and unimaginable. I think there would be a greater impact talking about the effects stress has on the body and what it would be like without them, then we’ll be able to properly commemorate this centuries-old practice.

Stress is like an invasive disease. Once it’s taken over, it sets out to wreck havoc on your entire system. Your stress response can be triggered by anything from anger, sadness, fear, common manic behaviors like anxiety, and even boredom.

Stress confuses the body. It tricks it into thinking its in danger, in turn activating the body’s Fight or Flight Response.   With this, adrenaline and cortisol pump into the blood stream, reorganizing priorities, stopping processes like digesting and fighting sickness, and then producing more adrenaline and cortisol. These excess of chemicals swimming around can produce some nasty side effects. Blood vessels shrink, you can’t sleep…you age faster.

If Shaggy was here, I’m pretty sure he’d say, “ZOINKS!”piclab copy 2

Meditation, however, has the opposite effect and can reverse this malfunction. It slows things down, reverting the body to its Rest Response. In Rest Response, you heal yourself, your heart rate drops, blood vessels normalize while cortisol dissolves. Not only that, future aging slows down by half the time. Now, that’s what I call a victory!

Also, Let us not forget how much happier and more confident you’ll be.

Be sure to check back weekly for updates!

Week 1: Guided Meditations

Week 2: Loving-Kindness Meditation

Week 3: Vedic Meditation(Transcendental)

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