Week 1: Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations are a great option when you need to take the guesswork out of meditating. They provide instruct and help by reminding you of the breath, in the process of training you to let go. Some even take you on a journey, which can be fun. I have some pretty visual memories of strolls through the forest and exploring meadows in my mind.

Plus, they can be great in the beginning when you are trying to discipline yourself with an allotted amount of time each day.Free-Guided-Meditation-1024x557

There are some really wonderful free guided meditations all easily accessible. Some of my favorites are The Meditation Podcast and The Meditation Oasis. They may not be providing new content frequently, but they have a plethora of past recordings all available to you that should keep you more than busy for a quite a while.

Now go grab those headphones because you’ve got a spiritual ride to catch!

Meditation Oasis
The Meditation Podcast

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