Life is a Zen Garden


While I searched my way into a certain lightness in living, I obsessively tried to apply every sort of structure to it that I could in an effort to simplify my struggle. As I have stated about myself in my previous posts, I have been an extremist for the better part of my life.

When I first started to attempt my so-called spiritual mattress-flip, I went from my free-spirited routine of careless mornings to mapping out every second of my schedule all the way down to my bathroom breaks.  Fine, I wasn’t that extreme, but you get my point.

In my mind, the more I modified the outside elements, the easier it would become to modify myself within to the poster child of perfection I wanted to be.   Of course that’s not the goal anyone should strive for, nor is it realistic or relatable. Like with anything that is repeatedly forced into a mold that is not natural to its form, it will break under the pressure and the life of it will be short lived.

clock-timeBut these things have to happen anyways. It’s with trial and error that we are able to find the things that stick and the aspects that do not. What I came to learn about myself was that I loved structure, but I just needed to find a better way of applying it. I believe that even in the most beautifully flexible lifestyles there is still some template that is followed. It isn’t all alarm clocks and schedules.

Life is beautiful. It is complex, diverse, emotional, vast among the earth, and also a minute spec in the universe. Life is complicatedly simple. Life does whatever it wants by following the same intricate design.

That’s when I thought: Life is a Zen Garden! And like any garden, you need to cultivate it.

Elements of a Zen Gardenfb03433eafeb50f904e5f8f13823e8fc

The Borders

Whether you’re a top company exec or a stay at home Mom, your garden is however big you make it. Big or small, your garden is fundamental to the world no matter its size. Life is only as confining as you make it and it can expand any time at will. There is only importance in where you set it. It needs to be in a place that means something to you. Only then can it grow and thrive!

The Rocks

These are your beliefs. This is where your strength lies.  Beliefs are not easily moved. They stay centered and have the power to change the grand design within your life. Only once they are firmly planted can you find solace and comfort on these little islands of safety.


The Sand

The fill of your garden represents the people that make up your life. They are always a part of the flow. You will find that your closest friends are those centered on your beliefs. They are the ones that find shelter and familiarity in the zones surrounding your rocks.

The Rakerateau-en-bois-pour-jardin-zen-miniature

This is your daily habit. It is with the rake that you can condition your life and its flow. It is a way to create solid lines but also give you freedom to choose the course of its direction.

There you have it.  The jig is up!  Even the wild and free live in constant structure.  Tend to the aspects of your Zen Garden and let the light inside you take it from there!

What is your life comparison?

Do you believe in the Zen Garden template?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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