Week 2: Loving-Kindness Meditation



This one sort of speaks for itself, but I think it’s important to add a little direction into its practice. The purpose is what is clearly in the title: To send love and kindness. Not just to others, but also to yourself. It’s about thankfulness yet also forgiveness; it is a practice of benevolence.

It’s particularly useful when there is something in your mind that you just cant stop thinking about. It allows you to focus on the subject matter without judgment and with acceptance. You can begin by closing your eyes, bring to front a person or situation, and then speak with it.

I Forgive You.

Maybe you are resentful towards the choices you made in life. By envisioning yourself, like you are in a confrontation with another you, you are able to say how you feel, then forgive and accept what is.

I’m Sorry. Thank You.

o-SERENITY-facebook2Or perhaps, all is well and you are overjoyed in life. You have a person you care about dearly. Sometimes you don’t express how important that person is to you. If you concentrate in our minds on them, we can thank them for being there, apologize, or wish them happiness.

The most important thing about each of these internal interactions is that they all end with Love.

Loving-Kindness teaches us compassion. It is among a favorite for many practitioners, notably Thich Nhat Hanh. Read his novel True Love for more on Loving-Kindness.

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