One-Sided Visions: The Dream Crusher


Have you ever had a vision for something? Like a great project for the yard or maybe you were planning a fun get-together at the office? You get so darned excited about it that you can’t keep it to yourself and you share your ideas with others.

Then the dreaded happens… They start giving you their ideas.

How dare they steal your thunder?!

And let me guess, you said something along the lines of this:

"Yeah, that's sounds great! Maybe next time! 
"You, know. I already have everything planned, but thank you."

Or maybe you’re not even that polite about it.

"That's stupid." 
"Just let me deal with it." 
"Why don't you just leave it to me, ok?"

breaking-up-with-your-girlfriendIt took me a long time to realize those last few were my reflexive answers to anything my family suggested. Then one day I paid attention long enough to see their reaction after I said what I had said, and what I saw were fallen faces. They were disheartened. My one sided visions that brought me so much excitement crushed their dreams and made them feel valueless in an instant.

Once I saw these faces, my heart broke. I had been causing this kinda of pain and disappointment?  Along the way, I became the bully out of sheer ignorance and I never wanted to make anyone feel that way again.

So, yeah, maybe their ideas aren’t what you want(Or to put it more blatantly, they suck!), but you know what? All they want is to be considered and feel included. Something we may so easily head shake away could actually make another person’s day and boost their confidence.

For today, think about the other person.  I’m not saying you are responsible for any persons sense of value, because we all have to find that for ourselves against all odds of negativity this world may create, but wouldn’t you want to help if you could?  I would.

I think I would sleep better, too.

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6 thoughts on “One-Sided Visions: The Dream Crusher

  1. This is so true. It’s can be so easy to affect someone negatively without even realizing it. I have had some similar experiences with my family. They do usually have good intentions. By taking a moment to hear them and not brush aside what they have to say, it can positively affect the relationship. I know from experience. We get to choose how we respond to situations, and I am striving to do so inasmuch as a positive way as possible.

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    1. Personally, It can be difficult after you’ve ingrained a reflex in you for so long, but that’s the adversity in all growth. If it were easy, I don’t think we’d be as much proud of ourselves for the challenges we overcome 🙂

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  2. I have often been that person, the one that gets defensive and by doing that stops others from being able to share their ideas with me. You are right, it doesn’t feel good, and what could it really hurt? We don’t have to take their advice but maybe it we really open up we’ll find their ideas to be good ones. Thank you for the reminder to keep an open mind and heart. ❤

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