welcome to karmaklysm

Karma has slowly crept its way into the public eye over the past few years.  It was there from the start, but we just never received a handbook.  Some of us are beginning to understand why certain things played out into our lives the way they did.  We’re like, “Damn, where was the operation manual?”  

Just me? Okay, moving on.

Maybe some are just trying to understand this new system and how to implement it.  Start with the word itself.  Karma can be vaguely defined as ‘the action and reaction of one’s actions.’


It kinda makes my head want to explode.

So, how are we to suppose to jump in and start dealing with this judicial karmic system after living a lawless life for so long? It’s like finally understanding your credit score.

“Oh, look! I got a 500!”  Yikes.


Let’s think of karma as this swirling ball of Switzerland trying to find it’s footing on this overstretched tightrope called ‘your life.’  How do we even begin to balance ourselves without falling in either direction?  I’d gamble that the answer to life’s latest mystery would not be the number 42 and anyone who claims that there is one particular response to such a giant life question would bring out the skeptic in me.

Well, then. Why bother?

I’m not saying give up. Where’s the fun in that? What I propose, we all take a ton of repetitive little steps in the right direction and see where it leads. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be enlightened along the way.

So, what is Karmaklysm?

Just to be clear, Karmaklysm isn’t about being good or bad.  It’s about learning.  Learning how to focus on being happy with you.  Whatever that entails.  For me, it was the epiphanic karmic reckoning of my irresponsible, free-spirited life.  What’s a girl to do after “what’s done is done”?  I filed spiritual bankruptcy and with my new clean slate, high-tailed it to a correction course.

Read & Receive.

The last thing I want to do is preach to you on how to live a better life.  I’m just scratching the surface myself.  However, what I will do is provide you with information on what I’ve learned based on my own experiences and what has helped myself, and others that I know.  Whether it be eye-opening, amusing, or a new daily practice: what you choose to do with it is completely up to you!

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